Bollington United Football Club

Code of Conduct


Bollington United FC follow a strict RESPECT and operate a Zero Tolerance policy within the club, to ensure our players, coaches and parents get the best football experience possible within our club. If we don’t have respect for each other then were not operating within our clubs code of conduct.


Match day code for Parents

Do offer praise, encouragement and applause – for both sides.
Do stand in the designated area for spectators.
Praise for effort and attitude not just talent.
Focus on the process not the result. Focus on your child’s enjoyment.
Don’t issue instructions from the touchline.
Don’t follow your son/daughter up and down the touchline.
Avoid pressuring your child about winning or losing
Six reasons why kids love to play football:
“Trying my hardest is more important than winning”
“I love playing football because it’s fun”
“It helps keep me fit and healthy”
“I like meeting new friends through football”
“It’s a really good game and I love it”
” I like playing with my friends”

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