Established in : 2019

All about the Hurricanes

Stockport Metro League – 2 Years, previously Alderley League for 2 years – this is our 4th year together.

I am delighted to say that we have a wonderful bunch of lads and parents. We try to focus on the development of our team in an enjoyable football environment for the boys. Of course the boys like to win 😉 but more importantly it’s been wonderful to see their friendships grow through the love of the game!

We are making the move to 9 a-side in 2023-2024 with a full Summer League as preparation for the season.


We won our trophy evening in the Stockport Metro League last year which was a wonderful experience for the boys.  We are now playing in the top tier of the league, and are competitive in that division, getting to both the trophy event and Cup finals.

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Team Manager: Jonathan Stokes (level 1 coach)

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Email/phone:; 07772 065 248

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Team Training Night: Thursday

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